Session 3

Tosen gets reports of a Caesarian phasing through walls and accessing people’s computers in their rooms, but is too busy to deal with them and hands the issue off to Timmy. Solarians say it looks Solarian/Terran, while other races claim that it is a Caesarian. Timmy meets Lerria to discuss who could be behind it since she is an expert on Caesarian abilities. One of the other ‘experts’ (Corisqui Haverson) recognizes Lerria while she is helping Timmy. Corisqui ends up being another victim and says that the perpetrator looked like Shiva.

Timmy and Lerria see the Solarian ‘expert’ and then they go see a Historian to learn more. The Historian tells them the person entering people’s rooms is Thaddeus Talsman. With Lerria watching, Timmy chases down Thaddeus and traps him in the airlock as Thaddeus tries to escape. Thaddeus manages to open the airlock and gets sucked outside (without a space suit) as Timmy’s backup arrives.


aquaticmage alstod

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