Lerria Verochinil

Young, wealth Caesarian, non-gifted




200 points + 19 play


Stat Level Cost Stat Level Cost
ST 10 0 HP 10 0
IQ 13 60 Per 13 0
DX 10 0 Will 13 0
HT 11 10 FP 13 0
Speed 5.25 0 Move 5 0


Advantage Level Cost Advantage Level Cost
Amphibious NA 10 Appearance 1 4
Charisma 1 5 Discriminatory Hearing NA 15
Eidetic Memory 1 5 Patron (parents; Minimal Intervention; Equipment 100% Starting Wealth) 6 or less 5
Sonar NA 20 Unusual Background (Book-learned) NA 3
Voice NA 10 Wealth 1 10
Wild Talent (Mental; Retention) 2 42


Perk Cost
Honest Face 1


Disadvantage Level Cost Disadvantage Level Cost
Clueless NA -10 Curious 12 or less -5
Gregarious NA -10 Light Sleeper NA -5
Obsession(Become a Politician) 12 or less -10 Overconfidence 12 or less -5
Xenophilia 12 or less -10


Quirk Cost Quirk Cost
Likes Eating Fish 1 Dreamer 1
Proud 1 Nerdy 1
Likes Reading 1


Skill Level Cost Skill Level Cost
Accounting 11 1 Acting 12 con+1 Honest Face 1
Area Knowledge (Aqua-Sol IV) 13 1 Connoisseur (Literature) 12 1
Currant Affairs (Politics) 13 1 Diplomacy 14 con+1 Charisma 2
Economics 11 1 Electronic Operation (Medical) 12 1
Fast-Talk 16 con+1 Charisma 4 First Aid (Caesarian) 13 1
(Dizera) 13 1 (Solarian) 13 1
(Theresses) 13 1 Fishing 13 1
Geography (Political) 11 1 Heraldy 14 0
Karate 11 8 Law (Calipso) 11 1
(Creali) 13 4 (Habasion) 11 1
(S’neira) 11 1 (Solarian) 11 1
(Terran) 11 1 Mathematics (Statistics) 11 1
Mind Block 14 4 Piloting (Contragravity) 9 1
Politics 14 1
Propaganda 12 1 Public Speaking 15 1
Savoir-Faire (High Society) 13 12 Speed-Reading 13 2
Swimming 12 2

Lerria Verochinil was a Caesarian, from the Craeli Republic. She grew up very sheltered. Her parents were Geron and Kalia, relatively well-known politicians who lobbied for equality among all races. The Verochinils weren’t necessarily as “equal” as everyone else – they had a vast, inherited fortune – but they contributed to charities regularly, and used their funds to push their political agendas. Lerria’s parents were very busy with their political lives, but they wanted to make sure above all that their daughters were educated in the ways they believed they should go. They took a particularly special emphasis in raising Lerria, their eldest child, and often showed her things on the Infranet about other races and other star nations. They were quite proud when Lerria, as a five-year-old, announced that she wanted to help all children in every star nation be educated and cared for as she was. She was fascinated by non-Caesarians, and her parents took care to introduce her to the Solarians, Dizzerans, and other non-Caesarians in the Republic.

Things changed a bit when Lerria became a big sister. Seven years after Lerria hatched, the Verochinil family welcomed two more girls: twin daughters, named Vania and Orlia. Lerria was jealous of the attention the twins got, but, truth be told, they got probably less attention to themselves than Lerria had at that age. Between their political lives and trying to raise three girls, the parents became busier than ever before. Lerria’s mother decided to cut back a lot on her time spent on her career and focus more on her daughters, while her husband continued his political life, though he still spent what time he could with his daughters. Vania and Orlia seemed far less interested in politics as they grew up than Lerria did, and instead focused their attention on causing mischief (they had a mental link, and could communicate telepathically with each other). Lerria decided she needed to be the one to carry on the family tradition, and did her very best to learn everything she could about politics and other cultures (from the comfort of her family’s luxurious home of course). She occasionally tried begging her parents to take her and her sisters to some of the exotic places she was learning about, but the Verochinils considered it far too difficult to try that with three kids in tow. “Maybe when the twins are older,” they would say. Lerria didn’t see why she had to wait for them to grow up. She really wanted to go and see the universe!

Finally, soon after Lerria reached the age when Caesarians are considered adults, Lerria found a pamphlet online, describing a luxury cruise that was going to visit several exotic places. Lerria pointed out how safe everything was going to be, and begged her parents that the whole family should go. They talked about it, but decided that her father couldn’t afford the time away from work, and her mother didn’t want to deal with the rambunctious twins all by herself. So, finally, they agreed to pay for Lerria to go, without her family. “You’re an adult now, Lerria. You can take care of yourself. Besides, as you said, the cruise will be very safe. It should be an excellent way for you to see all these places!”

Lerria was a little nervous that she would be going without her family, or anyone else she knew for that matter, but she was also extremely excited. She would be getting to see the universe!

Lerria has studied a lot about the various cultures and star systems around her, but has little personal experience interacting with others, even within her own system. Unfortunately, she believes herself to be an expert, and is a little cocky about just how well-educated she is, so this may turn out to be a problem.

Lerria Verochinil

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