Session 6 part 2

Timmy went to the club where one of the victims was last seen. He saw someone acting suspicious and followed him. The man attacked Timmy, so Timmy used his stun pistol on him. When he got the suspect back to Security for interrogation, they found that the stun pistol had activated suicide chips in the suspect’s brain that had killed him.

Tiktik followed Timmy throughout this whole process, but was not able to listen in on what happened when Timmy took the man to be interrogated.

Timmy went to search the suspect’s ship. On the ship, he found the (about 3 dozen) kidnapped people. He freed most of them, but the ship’s doors closed before he could get all of them off the ship. About 8 people remained, including Timmy, Lerria, and Claire. Tiktik and the Dizerra that Tiktik had been hired to find both got off the ship.

Tiktik takes the Dizerra back to her father. Tiktik asks the father to take him off of their ‘emergency contact list’ and gets his payment (100,000 credits) for bringing back the daughter. He used his contacts to find out how the Dizerra family learned about him and discovered that the daughter also works as a mercenary, mostly for intel-gathering and infiltration.

Session 6 part 1

Tosen tells the security officers in the debriefing that the pirates that boarded the ship had managed to infiltrate and take over the main tourist attraction of the planet without the locals noticing. Each security guard got a list of about 50 people to acquaint themselves with because of the recent strange happenings. The ship goes to a S’neira system next.

People start disappearing from the ship and Tosen asks Timmy to investigate. Timmy finds that Lerria is one of the people that has gone missing. Also, the father of one of the other missing people says that his daughter was going to a club on the ship the last time he saw her.

Tiktik gets a message from some lesser noble saying to find his daughter or he will expose his identity to the entire ship. While Tiktik is doing a background check on this noble, Timmy comes to his door to ask some questions. Timmy gets an alert from Claire’s bodyguards of an emergency and quickly leaves. Tiktik finds this suspicious, so he follows Timmy. Timmy finds one of Claire’s guards just waking up from unconsciousness and she says that some men tazed them.

At this point, Timmy thinks to check of the genders of the people who disappeared, and most of them are, in fact, female. Most of the males that have disappeared are Croat.

Session 5

A week later, we arrive at Kalaz III to see the broken moons. Tiktik and Lerria go to the moons. Timmy is assigned main hall security duty.

Tiktik and Lerria were delayed coming back from the moons by the shuttle’s “hyperdrive” breaking down. They are taken to a holding area, but they think something is fishy. Meanwhile, armed people of various races started boarding the Higonia.

Lerria and Tiktik lead some of the people out to a shuttle and take it to the Higonia. Lerria opens communications with the ship and asks to speak with security guard Tralfazz.

Timmy gets the call as he is leading the Habasion party to help security fight off the pirates, who are trapped in the hangar. Lerria and some of the other people who went to the planet stole a ship from the surface and are waiting outside the hangar. Timmy tells Lerria about the pirates in the hangar and she says that the ship has weapons that could help. Once in the hangar, Lerria and Tiktik manage to distract the pirates through a series of bluffs and lies. Most of the pirates don’t even see the security crew entering the hangar, and they and the Habasions quickly dispatch of the pirates that Lerrias’ ship’s guns don’t take care of. Timmy also got to relieve some stress by actually shooting someone.

Timmy 2
Lerria 3
Tiktik 3

Session 4

3 weeks later, the Higonia stops at a planet known for its floating islands and helium trees. The passengers can take a shuttle to the surface with about 50 going at once, plus some security guards. Timmy is assigned to a group which Lerria happens to be in.

When they are on the surface of the planet, Timmy sees a Dizerra with the group, despite the fact that there was no Dizerra in their group. He confronts the Dizerra when the scan of its RFID bracelet reveals that it is an O’ashuarn. He tries to scare the O’ashuarn disguised as a Dizerra so he doesn’t cause trouble. When he reports this to one of his fellow security officers, the Dizerra/O’ashuarn is escorted away under suspicion of being a changeling. Timmy finds and brings another one in who looked like a Habasion.

When Lerria landed on the planet, she spent a little time taking in the view before heading into the gift shop, where she quickly became engrossed in some history books. After awhile, another Caesarian asked if she could “rub oil on her ears” (apparently a reasonably common request among the race). But oddly, the Caesarian said she was too shy to do it out in the open, so Lerria, confused, followed the woman into the bathroom. Right after they entered, the woman looked momentarily stunned, and Lerria asked if she was alright. She said she was probably dehydrated. Lerria decided the woman was probably ill, and turned to leave the bathroom and search for the security officer for help. However, then the woman cast a sleep spell, and Lerria fell to the floor, and was subsequently dragged into a stall and hidden away.

Lerria started talking to Timmy, who quickly realized that it was not Lerria, but an imposter. When he identified the imposter, she started using a spell. Timmy tried to stop her, but she put him to sleep. Lerria then woke up and the imposter accused Lerria of being a changeling. This loud noise woke Timmy up and he pulled out his stunner and shot the imposter, causing her disguise to fail. Timmy carried her to the shuttle.

The scanners were hacked to show that all the bracelets belonged to the same person of a nonexistent species, so Lerria had to identify each passenger that came to the planet with them. There were 6 missing, including one O’ashuarn. Timmy and Lerria found 2 of the missing people, but when Timmy accused one of the security guards of being the last O’ashuarn in disguise, the guard fired at him. Timmy was ready and also fired back and hit the guard with his stunner. The rest of the missing people came out of the gift shop, minus the O’ashuarn, but plus a repeat of one of the missing people that Timmy and Lerria had already found. Timmy shot the imposter with his stunner, but the imposter deflected the shots and then set the helium trees on fire with lightning magic. After capturing them, the security guards agreed to let the locals deal with the O’ashuarn for destroying part of their park, but have not yet addressed what to do about the Solarian guard.

Session 3.5

Timmy attended a security meeting as the ship went into hyperspace. He learned about the captain’s quasi-giftedness. Security assigned people to shifts in certain areas. Timmy drew planetside escort, main hall security, and sleeping quarters guard duty.

Session 3

Tosen gets reports of a Caesarian phasing through walls and accessing people’s computers in their rooms, but is too busy to deal with them and hands the issue off to Timmy. Solarians say it looks Solarian/Terran, while other races claim that it is a Caesarian. Timmy meets Lerria to discuss who could be behind it since she is an expert on Caesarian abilities. One of the other ‘experts’ (Corisqui Haverson) recognizes Lerria while she is helping Timmy. Corisqui ends up being another victim and says that the perpetrator looked like Shiva.

Timmy and Lerria see the Solarian ‘expert’ and then they go see a Historian to learn more. The Historian tells them the person entering people’s rooms is Thaddeus Talsman. With Lerria watching, Timmy chases down Thaddeus and traps him in the airlock as Thaddeus tries to escape. Thaddeus manages to open the airlock and gets sucked outside (without a space suit) as Timmy’s backup arrives.

Session 2

Lerria tried to convince people to hold a funeral service for the people killed in the crash with the S’neira ship, but the people listening to her decide to hold the S’neira responsible for the deaths.

Timothy noticed her and tried to explain that holding a funeral for each person will take too much effort and resources, but she didn’t listen. He convinces her that having the S’neira contribute to the funeral services would be a good idea.

Lerria goes to try to convince the S’neira to help with the funeral services. She talks to Keroi Ka’Sal, a S’neira diplomat that she recognizes. Keroi Ka’Sal seems to approve.

Timmy notices Claire go into a databank through a door that should be locked (databank #43). He follows her inside. One of her guards questions why he was following them and he revealed that he had been hired by Wilhelm St. Claire to be backup for Claire’s bodyguards. After he leaves, he reports to Tosen about the RFE chip stuck in the door keeping it unlocked, which had disintegrated when Timmy tried to touch it.

Session 1

Location: Galdalo

Timmy has been hired by Wilhelm St. Claire to guard his granddaughter, Claire St. Claire, on the luxury cruise-liner Higonia. He has been inserted into the security team to have the access he needs. He had a couple of interesting experiences with the boarding passengers including a Historian and a few O’ashuarn.

An incoming S’neira ship missed a jump and ended up destroying a transport for the Higonia.

Lerria was nearly removed from the ship by a Solarian security officer, but the security captain (Tosen) resolved the situation.


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