STL Drives

STL Drives

Calipso STL

Craeli STL

Habasion STL

The Habasion have discovered a way of de-rate their warp drive to a STL drive. Their drives have been measured at accelerations of 512 Gs. This cause most other nations drool with envy at the maneuverability of the light attack craft of the Empire.

Ridalian STL

The Ridalian use Fusion Rockets to accelerate remarkable slow acceleration speed of 0.005 Gs. The Ridalian ships are easily evaded by almost any modern ship.

S’neira STL

The S’neira use very efficient Antimatter Plasma Torch for their smaller vehicles. These Antimatter Plasma Torches use force fields to contain the reaction to reach accelerations of 101 Gs with a single engine and a change in velocity up to 360 mps per fuel tank. For there larger vehicles they try to obtain Reactionless Drives i.e. Creali or Terran Drives or use Antimatter Pion Torch which can provide 0.25 Gs per engine and a change in velocity up to 3,400 mps.

Saber STL

Solarian STL

Terran STL

STL Drives

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