The Higonia is one of the finest Luxury Cruise Liners in the Galaxy. With over 1,000 luxury suites, there is no reason to settle for less. Your host from Heldora will make sure that you are comfortable as you travel across the the Galaxy seeing some of the most beautiful spots. We will take to to the Levorous Birthing system, the former star system Toltar, the broken moons of Kalaz III, the majestic waterfalls of Hohonarim, and more.

-The Brochure

All PC Will begin on a Higonia a ship of the Heldora Interstellar Pleasure Cruise. Please write a back story that includes what you are doing on the ship. First class Tickets cost $ 50,000, Second-Class cost $25,000, and Common cost is $10,000. PCs will be built on 200pts with max disadvantages of -75pts and maximum allowable quirks -5pts

Campaign Information.


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