Session 2

Lerria tried to convince people to hold a funeral service for the people killed in the crash with the S’neira ship, but the people listening to her decide to hold the S’neira responsible for the deaths.

Timothy noticed her and tried to explain that holding a funeral for each person will take too much effort and resources, but she didn’t listen. He convinces her that having the S’neira contribute to the funeral services would be a good idea.

Lerria goes to try to convince the S’neira to help with the funeral services. She talks to Keroi Ka’Sal, a S’neira diplomat that she recognizes. Keroi Ka’Sal seems to approve.

Timmy notices Claire go into a databank through a door that should be locked (databank #43). He follows her inside. One of her guards questions why he was following them and he revealed that he had been hired by Wilhelm St. Claire to be backup for Claire’s bodyguards. After he leaves, he reports to Tosen about the RFE chip stuck in the door keeping it unlocked, which had disintegrated when Timmy tried to touch it.


aquaticmage alstod

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