Session 5

A week later, we arrive at Kalaz III to see the broken moons. Tiktik and Lerria go to the moons. Timmy is assigned main hall security duty.

Tiktik and Lerria were delayed coming back from the moons by the shuttle’s “hyperdrive” breaking down. They are taken to a holding area, but they think something is fishy. Meanwhile, armed people of various races started boarding the Higonia.

Lerria and Tiktik lead some of the people out to a shuttle and take it to the Higonia. Lerria opens communications with the ship and asks to speak with security guard Tralfazz.

Timmy gets the call as he is leading the Habasion party to help security fight off the pirates, who are trapped in the hangar. Lerria and some of the other people who went to the planet stole a ship from the surface and are waiting outside the hangar. Timmy tells Lerria about the pirates in the hangar and she says that the ship has weapons that could help. Once in the hangar, Lerria and Tiktik manage to distract the pirates through a series of bluffs and lies. Most of the pirates don’t even see the security crew entering the hangar, and they and the Habasions quickly dispatch of the pirates that Lerrias’ ship’s guns don’t take care of. Timmy also got to relieve some stress by actually shooting someone.

Timmy 2
Lerria 3
Tiktik 3


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