Session 6 part 1

Tosen tells the security officers in the debriefing that the pirates that boarded the ship had managed to infiltrate and take over the main tourist attraction of the planet without the locals noticing. Each security guard got a list of about 50 people to acquaint themselves with because of the recent strange happenings. The ship goes to a S’neira system next.

People start disappearing from the ship and Tosen asks Timmy to investigate. Timmy finds that Lerria is one of the people that has gone missing. Also, the father of one of the other missing people says that his daughter was going to a club on the ship the last time he saw her.

Tiktik gets a message from some lesser noble saying to find his daughter or he will expose his identity to the entire ship. While Tiktik is doing a background check on this noble, Timmy comes to his door to ask some questions. Timmy gets an alert from Claire’s bodyguards of an emergency and quickly leaves. Tiktik finds this suspicious, so he follows Timmy. Timmy finds one of Claire’s guards just waking up from unconsciousness and she says that some men tazed them.

At this point, Timmy thinks to check of the genders of the people who disappeared, and most of them are, in fact, female. Most of the males that have disappeared are Croat.


aquaticmage alstod

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