Session 6 part 2

Timmy went to the club where one of the victims was last seen. He saw someone acting suspicious and followed him. The man attacked Timmy, so Timmy used his stun pistol on him. When he got the suspect back to Security for interrogation, they found that the stun pistol had activated suicide chips in the suspect’s brain that had killed him.

Tiktik followed Timmy throughout this whole process, but was not able to listen in on what happened when Timmy took the man to be interrogated.

Timmy went to search the suspect’s ship. On the ship, he found the (about 3 dozen) kidnapped people. He freed most of them, but the ship’s doors closed before he could get all of them off the ship. About 8 people remained, including Timmy, Lerria, and Claire. Tiktik and the Dizerra that Tiktik had been hired to find both got off the ship.

Tiktik takes the Dizerra back to her father. Tiktik asks the father to take him off of their ‘emergency contact list’ and gets his payment (100,000 credits) for bringing back the daughter. He used his contacts to find out how the Dizerra family learned about him and discovered that the daughter also works as a mercenary, mostly for intel-gathering and infiltration.


aquaticmage alstod

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