Galdalo System


Galdalo is a binary system on the edge of Craeli space. The system contains two M1 V class stars. Around the primary star is an affluent asteroid belt which is a source of income for the system. Because of the rich tourism, trade, shipyards, and mining operations this system has a blossoming economy. The major exports for this system are minerals, heavy metals, ships, tourism, and entertainment. Due to the lack of life supporting planets this system they must import most of the food to support their industries.

Planets (8)

Galdalo I

.2 A.U. primary star year = 0.131 Tyear
Galdalo I is a infernal class planet. Its average temperature is 325o C, pressure 61 Bar, and corrosive atmosphere this planet is not anyone’s idea of an ideal vacation spot. The surface gravity is 0.87 g. This planet mainly acts as a gravity well to set orbital habitats for asteroid miners in the nearby asteroid belt recon stations to monitor the sun and asteroid belt. The planet itself has little that would entice anyone to even attempt to land on the planet. In addition, without proper authorization anyone attempting to land on the planet is treated like smugglers, pirates, or worse. The planet has about 6 million around it at all times.

Galdalo II

.36 A.U. primary star year = 0.316 Tyear
Galdalo II is a frozen Ocean world. The average temperature is -34o C, pressure 4.7, highly toxic atmosphere, and some of the most beautiful twilight shows makes this vacation planet a tad on the cold side. This planet is contains about 33 million sentient beings. The gravity at the surface is about 1.2 g and 80% of the surface is covered with water. Most of this world’s visitors are either scientists or tourists who enjoy the natural light shows produced by the star and the atmosphere of the planet.

Galdalo III

Galdalo IV

Galdalo V

Galdalo VI

Galdalo VII

Galdalo VIII

Moons (14.54)


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